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VAPA Weekly Updates 8-15-21

August 15, 2021

Hello VAPA Community. This is Dr. Trimis, principal of Legacy VAPA HS. This is our first weekly message of the year. Monday is a regular start day beginning with Advisories. Welcome back to school!

Hola, comunidad de VAPA. Este es el Dr. Trimis. Este es nuestro primer mensaje semanal del año. El lunes es un día de inicio normal que comienza con los avisos. ¡Bienvenido de nuevo al colegio!

Students must be in class by 8:30 am every day, but I recommend arriving early. All students and staff must have taken a baseline COVID19 test and have their negative results before entering campus. The fastest and best way to be cleared to enter school is by using the Daily Pass. LAUSD tests are automatically entered and tests from non-LAUSD sites need to be uploaded. Go to

Students who do not have a baseline COVID test may gete one upon arrival to Legacy and a parent must be present for the baseline test for the waiver process. After the initial test, weekly testing will be done at school and parents do not need to be present.

Students will get their schedules in their Advisory class and those rooms will be posted. We will issue both lockers and textbooks this week. Our PE teacher will give students info about PE uniforms.

We have a new bell schedule this year with most students and classes meeting every day. Breakfast (for the next day) and supper will be given to all students after school each day. Snacks will be available each morning and hot lunch will be given to all students every day.

I encourage all of our teachers, staff, and students who are eligible to be vaccinated to do so. More information is on our website.

Looking forward, Back to School Night and the Aloha Assembly is on September 2 and the Memorial Day Weekend is September 3-7. Our opening home football game is at 7 pm on August 27.

Be sure to check our website and social media platforms for upcoming programs and events at

Have a great week, and, finally, I’ll SEE YOU AT SCHOOL!

Take Care,

Dr. Edward Trimis, Principal


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