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Keys to School Success

October 26, 2016

From the Desk of Dr. T

Edward A. Trimis, EdD.

I often think about my friend, retired LAUSD principal, Dr. Randall V. Delling, who has the claim many can't make, a streak straight A's like no other. Dr. Delling managed to, somehow, get an "A" from every teacher, in every class, fromKindergarten through middle school through high school graduation. That's K-12.But it did not stop there. Dr. Delling went on to get his Bachelors Degree, Masters degree, teaching credential, administrative credential, and doctorate. And, guess what? "A's" throughout! I asked him once how did he do it? What was his secret? He said that he always worked hard, but there was more to it than that. If he didn't understand something, he asked for help. He talked with his parents and his teachers regularly to be sure he was doing everything he was supposed to and was on track. He kept all of his papers and all of his tests. If a teacher tried to give him less than an "A", he would break out all of his A-graded quizzes, tests, and homework, and the teacher would have to change the grade.Maybe not something everyone can accomplish, but a smart approach to school success. Work hard. Communicate with your teachers and family. Ask for help.Keep all your work. Question a grade you are not happy with.

While it may seem that there is plenty of time between now and Winter Break, there actually is very little. It is critical all students stay on top of their homework and meet with their teachers to make sure they are clear of all course expectations. Because we lose a week of instruction due to Fall Break, another day for Veteran’s Day, and we have finals the last week, we are, in really left with only a few weeks of instruction between now and December 15. We have about4 weeks until Fall Break and then 2 weeks after that until finals. On our block schedule, this equates to about 18 class sessions left for most classes. Don't waste a minute! 

See you in school!

Take Care,

Dr.  Trimis

Music for this podcast was composed and performed by Dr. Trimis, Love Song Without Words, (c) 1990 by Edward Trimis